Tips for Seniors: How to Flip Homes and Succeed

Tips for Seniors: How to Flip Homes and Succeed

13 July, 2021

Article by guest author Jim McKinley of [Image Source: Unsplash] It isn’t surprising that you are thinking of getting into real estate, ​as it is deemed one of the best ways to make more cash for people of all ages.Read More

🎧 Now playing Wholesaling Inc Podcast

28 December, 2020

Don’t miss Wholesaling Inc. CEO George Aplicano as the special guest on the Wholesaling Inc. Podcast… Now Playing Everywhere. George Aplicano has been running a thriving wholesaling business for four years now. Successful and financially-free, there’s no denying taking aRead More

Adding a Theater Room

15 April, 2020

Why Should You Add a Theater Room to Your High-End Flip? When you’re flipping a house, how you stage it for potential buyers can be just as important as its square footage in how much value it attracts. With aRead More

Wholesale Real Estate Flipping

20 January, 2020

Buckle up. Welcome to the exciting and fast moving world of wholesale real estate flipping! Today’s wholesale properties showcased for investors and flippers. is a website meant to be a one-stop resource for finding current wholesale real estate listings.Read More