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Wholesale Real Estate Flipping

Wholesale Real Estate Flipping

20 January, 2020

Buckle up. Welcome to the exciting and fast moving world of wholesale real estate flipping! Today’s wholesale properties showcased for investors and flippers.

WholesalingHouse.com Wholesale priced listings of properties for sale

WholesalingHouse.com is a website meant to be a one-stop resource for finding current wholesale real estate listings. It’s kind of like a wholesaler’s clearinghouse. Major wholesalers and their offers in housing markets across the country are collected and posted. WholesalingHouse.com has expanded beyond the Phoenix Arizona wholesale market. We now include listings from Florida and Georgia, as well as Texas and California too. We’ll also consider adding wholesalers from other hot areas, so Contact us to discuss. For the most up-to-date listings, feel free to reach out to each wholesaler to be added to their own email lists.

Please note that generally these listings are not in move-in ready shape. In fact, most of these properties are not sold for immediate occupancy (unless noted in the post). Do you prefer investing your money into homes that are usually more ready to live in? If so, you should search instead on ArizonaRealEstates.com for active MLS listings.

Another feature to WholesalingHouse.com is an open invitation to contributing bloggers that would like to discuss experiences and ideas to help other house flippers. If you are an author, feel free to Contact us with your idea.

WholesalingHouse.com Wholesale priced listings of properties for sale

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