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Wholesaling House is a publisher website that connects today’s active real estate investors to flippable properties, all at wholesale prices. Intended for immediate sell off, these deals are typically fast, quick-closing cash transactions.

These lists typically involve residential real estate. However, these homes are not sold for immediate occupancy by the purchaser. They are Investor to Investor transactions (not for owner/occupants). Most properties, prior to becoming suitable to live in, will need some level of cleaning or fixing up before resale. A remodel, minor (or major) upgrading, potential demo work, or even a full scale rebuild may be required. Please also note that you should always presume that all listings will be sold in as-is condition. Always view and assess listings in person, prior to submitting any offers.


In general, unless otherwise disclosed in a listing, buyer must assume the following:
Sellers make no claims or warranties expressed or implied. Buyer must perform due diligence and hold seller harmless. Properties come in “AS-IS” condition. No Seller Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS), No Insurance Claims History Report (CLUE), As-Is sale.

Cash, Hard Money only.

Wholesale price is a “net to seller” price. Buyer pays all closing costs and escrow fees. Open escrow with $5,000 non-refundable earnest deposit (or as instructed by the individual Wholesaling entity) with a wire or cashier’s check made out to the seller’s title / escrow company of choice.

All properties are either owned or in an equitable title position selling or assigning an equitable title position. In some cases this is co-marketing real estate on behalf of its affiliates. NONE of the info of each listing is deemed accurate and is for informational purposes only. Seller and its members or representatives make no guarantees concerning property condition, value, characteristics or financial benefits.

DISCLAIMERS by Wholesaling House


WholesalingHouse.com can not verify the contents of any property listing displayed on this website. WholesalingHouse.com and it’s publishers are not the owners of any property listed, but rather offer this site as a space for wholesalers to promote their listings. BUYER TO VERIFY ALL INFORMATION


Wholesaling House does not endorse or make recommendations of any vendor advertised on this website. Buyer should always perform due diligence and investigate any and all vendors, properties, and services prior to interacting.

Wholesaling House – Helpful Tidbits

Wholesaling House invites guest authors a stage to share listings and relevant experiences in the real estate wholesaling industry. Articles will include helpful tips, advice, common strategies and more in navigating money making opportunities as a real estate investor.

If you prefer to instead search for real estate properties through a real estate agent REALTOR, listed via MLS, use www.ArizonaRealEstates.com.


WholesalingHouse.com is published by licensed Arizona real estate agent Tony Pomykala of The Realty Gurus Homesfield Agents. ​SA562688000

Site published by Tony Pomykala, REALTOR of The Realty Gurus Homesfield Agents
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