6507 W Granada Rd, Phoenix AZ 85035
6507 W Granada Rd, Phoenix AZ 85035

16 June, 2021

Wholesale Price

ARV $320,000

As-is Retail Value

Maryvale House $100,000 Spread!

6507 W Granada Rd, Phoenix AZ 85035 wholesale property listing for sale
6507 W Granada Rd, Phoenix AZ 85035

Wholesale Property Attributes:

Great Location! HUGE SPREAD on this 3/2 with covered Parking in Maryvale on a Nice Lot! Easy Cosmetic Remodel on this one with a GIANT PAYDAY! Will go Quick!

  • Great Maryvale Location!
  • 3 Bedrooms / 2 Bath!
  • Aprox 1,176 SqFt Living Area
    • (includes wash room behind Carport!
  • Large Carport!
    • Easily Convert to Garage!
  • LARGE Backyard!
    • Large Covered Back Patio!
  • Covered Front Porch!

Please contact Josh for access!

Contact Josh to Purchase (602) 616-6770

McDowell Road & 67th Avenue



2. 6416 W BERKELEY RD – SOLD for $336,000 in February! 
3. 1602 N 65TH AVE – SOLD for $322,000 in 5 DAYS! SAME FLOOR PLAN!
4. 6531 W GRANADA RD – SOLD for $295,000 in 4 DAYS! NO Covered Parking and NOT Remodeled!!!
5. 6601 W CORONADO RD – SOLD for $270,000 in March! Same Floor Plan! No Covered Parking! Not Remodeled or even nice!!!

6507 W Granada Rd, Phoenix AZ 85035 comps list
6507 W Granada Rd, Phoenix AZ 85035 comps list
6507 W Granada Rd, Phoenix AZ 85035 comps map
6507 W Granada Rd, Phoenix AZ 85035 comps map

Wholesale Price

After Repair Value $320,000

As-is Retail Value $260,000

6507 W Granada Rd, Phoenix AZ 85035


Call / Text

Easy Button home sales 819 E Glendale Ave Phoenix, AZ 85020 602-428-9781 EasyButtonHomeSales.com Josh Gayman 602-616-6770

Easy Button Home Sales
819 E Glendale Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85020
602-428-9781 EasyButtonHomeSales.com
Josh Gayman 602-616-6770


If you are currently working with a client, and wish to receive a commission, please note that the wholesale price does not include your commission. You may want to negotiate a commission with your client separate from the wholesale price or you may adjust the wholesale price upwards to include your commission. 

$10,000 Non-Refundable earnest money required to secure property.


Sender is acting solely as a principal and not in any agency capacity. 

Joshua Gayman is CEO/Owner of Easy Button Home Sales and is a Licensed Arizona Real Estate Broker.

Easy Button Home Sales is not licensed by the Arizona Department of Real Estate.


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NOTE: Some of our properties are occupied. Please do not disturb occupants.

Easy Button home sales 819 E Glendale Ave Phoenix, AZ 85020 602-428-9781 EasyButtonHomeSales.com Josh Gayman 602-616-6770

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