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8719 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix AZ 85021

8719 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix AZ 85021

13 January, 2021

Wholesale Price

ARV $640,000

Estimated Rehab Cost

8719 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix AZ 85021 wholesale property listing
8719 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix AZ 85021

This wholesale property is

  • 3 bedrooms / 2 bath
  • 1,613 sqft living space
  • 7,349 sqft lot
  • Built in 1952
  • NO HOA!
  • Great comps and ARV
  • Est Rehab: $95K
  • Near Canal for walking and biking
  • In a location with many remodeled homes to support your ARV!
  • COE 1/15/2021

Call / Text Ross at (602) 353-7169

Central Avenue & Dunlap Avenue

Wholesale Price

After Repair Value

8719 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix AZ 85021


Call / Text Ross

Cash Buyers AZ wholesale Ross - 602-353-7169

Cash Buyers AZ
Ross – 602-353-7169

Cash, Hard Money only. Property comes in “AS-IS” condition. Buyer pays all closing costs and escrow fees.

Open escrow with $5,000 nonrefundable earnest deposit with a cashier’s check made out to our title company of choice.

Wholesalers + Realtors Please ADD your Fee before sending out. Price is NET to seller.

Buyer to verify all information as seller makes no claims or warranties expressed or implied. Buyer must perform due diligence and hold seller harmless.

Wholesale price is a “net to seller” price. No SPDS No Clue, As-Is sale. All properties are either owned or in an equitable title position selling or assigning an equitable title position, or in some cases is co-marketing real estate on behalf of its affiliates. NONE of the info above is deemed accurate and is for informational purposes only. Seller and its members or representatives make no guarantees concerning property condition, value, characteristics or financial benefits.

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