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1036 Harris Ranch Rd, Potrero CA 91963

1036 Harris Ranch Rd, Potrero CA 91963

2 December, 2020

New Wholesale Price $195,000
was $215,000

Check out this deal in Potrero, CA only 50 minutes from Downtown San Diego…

1036 Harris Ranch Rd, Potrero CA 91963  wholesale property listing
1036 Harris Ranch Rd, Potrero CA 91963

Major Crossroads are

Wholesale property description:

2 Bedrooms / 1.5 Baths / 1,730 sqft living space

Nice lot with all land usable. Only 50 min to downtown San Diego.
Must see this unique family style home home in Potrero! Home sits on a lot size is 0.87 acres with enough space to bring in some animals. Home is 1700 square feet with 2/3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom. The home needs some TLC! Great fixer upper. Lots of potential for remodeling and making it your own. Located in San Diego County

New Wholesale Price $195,000

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1036 Harris Ranch Rd, Potrero CA 91963

Cash Now Homes - 1616 E Main St Ste 205, Mesa AZ 85203-9073 USA Text or Call (602) 560-7002 *Investing *Fix and Flip *Wholesale Real Estate www.cnhnational.com
Cash Now Homes – 1616 E Main St Ste 205, Mesa AZ 85203-9073 USA
Text or Call (602) 560-7002 *Investing *Fix and Flip *Wholesale Real Estate www.cnhnational.com

Important Terms & Disclaimer:
All homes listed herein are either owned or under contract by Cash Now Homes (“Seller”). $3,000 to $5,000 Non-Refundable Earnest Money Deposit. Seller is in the business of acquiring properties and selling wholesale to investors, among other real estate investing activities. Properties are acquired through a variety of sources.
The prices are net to Seller.  Buyer pays all closing/escrow costs including HOA transfer/reserves and any other fees associated with the transfer of property.  Prices are based on quick closing of 7 days or less, using cash or a combination of cash and private financing. 
All properties are sold in ‘as is’ condition.  Seller makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, regarding the condition, square footage, insurability, verification of septic or sewer connection, structural, plumbing, electrical or mechanical systems, wells, heating, air conditioning, appliances, soil, foundation, pool/spa, and related equipment, environmental hazards (such as asbestos, formaldehyde, radon gas, lead based paint, fuel or chemical storage tanks, hazardous waste, landfills, high voltage electrical lines, location near Superfund areas, endangered species, water quality, geological conditions), location of property lines, water/utility use restrictions, flood plain, building permits or compliance with building codes, zoning, the occurrence of disease, death, homicide, suicide, or other crime in the vicinity of the premises.  Everything, not limited to the above referenced items, is the responsibility of the buyer to investigate and satisfy to a level suitable to the buyer, prior to signing a contract to purchase the property and/or depositing earnest money funds. Typically, Seller will gather information regarding square footage, lot size, year built, condition, values, etc from the County Assessor’s website, public tax records, prior MLS listings, and other sources that might be available. Although the information should be accurate, these sources have been known to produce wrong information on occasion. Seller is not held liable for any information released to the buyer from any source referenced for the buyer’s convenience.
Buyer must do its own due diligence, evaluation and inspection prior to making an offer.  Determining value is the buyer’s responsibility.  Seller strongly recommends buyers employ an investor-focused Realtor or appraiser to help determine current and/or after repair value.  Any reference to the value of a property by Seller or any representative of Seller is simply an opinion of value.  Everyone has a differing opinion on value, cost of construction, materials, quality of workmanship and market speculation.  Value is ultimately the buyer’s responsibility and they should be diligent in determining market value.
Seller may or may not currently own all of the properties listed herein and may be marketing the equitable interest however great or small in the given properties. Some of these properties listed on this site are under contract to purchase by Seller. As regards such properties, Seller is only selling (without any warranty or representation other than it is the buyer under the subject contract) its contract rights as purchaser of such property.
Some properties are occupied, as indicated. If shown as occupied, buyer is to contact Seller to set up viewing appointment.  Buyers and their representatives are hereby noticed of Tenant/Resident rights — at no time shall residents be disturbed; no approaching the house, knocking on door, engaging in conversation with residents or neighbors, etc.
Transactions are completed through a title/escrow company, with Buyer receiving a title insurance policy.
A member of Cash Now Homes holds a Real Estate License in the State of Arizona with broker Delex Realty.

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