4529 N 50th Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85031

4529 N 50th Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85031
4529 N 50th Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85031

4 March, 2020

Camelback & 51st Ave Maryvale

4529 N 50th Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85031 Maryvale wholesale home

4529 N 50th Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85031


Large, Single Level Block Home in Cute Neighborhood! Stucco with good roof and Great Bones! Big Backyard!

  • Large Block Home!
  • 1,635 Sq Ft! (TAX!)
  • Large Driveway!
  • RV Parking!
  • 5 Bedrooms!
    • Carport was converted to large 4th bedroom!
    • Large 5th Bedroom/Bonus room on back!
  • Solid Roof!
  • Solid A/C!
    • 7,096 Sq Ft!
    • Alley!
  • Great Curb Appeal!
    • Front Fence!
    • RV Gate!
    • Rose Bushes!
    • Covered Front Porch!
    • Grass!
  • Close to GCU Golf Course!

Wholesale Price: $179,997!!!

AS-IS Retail Value: $200,000+!
ARV: $245,000++!!!

ONLY 9 ACTIVE HOUSES in 85031! 6 Month Average of Houses SOLD per month is 19 PER MONTH(115 SOLD LAST 6 MONTHS!!) This means there is ONLY 14 Days inventory in this RED HOT ZIP CODE! (Balanced Market is 4-6 MONTHS – WE ARE AT 2 WEEKS!!!)

Contact Josh To Purchase

Easy Button home sales 819 E Glendale Ave Phoenix, AZ 85020 602-428-9781 EasyButtonHomeSales.com Josh Gayman 602-616-6770
Easy Button home sales 819 E Glendale Ave Phoenix, AZ 85020 602-428-9781 EasyButtonHomeSales.com Josh Gayman 602-616-6770

If you are currently working with a client, and wish to receive a commission, please note that the wholesale price does not include your commission. You may want to negotiate a commission with your client separate from the wholesale price or you may adjust the wholesale price upwards to include your commission. 

$5,000 Non-Refundable earnest money required to secure property.

Sender is acting solely as a principal and not in any agency capacity. Joshua Gayman is CEO/Owner of Easy Button Home Sales and is a Licensed Arizona Real Estate Broker. Easy Button Home Sales is not licensed by the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

The above and all homes listed herein are owned or under contract by Easy Button Home Sales. Easy Button Home Sales is in the business of acquiring properties and selling wholesale to investors. Properties are acquired through a variety of sources. The price is net to the seller and the buyer pays all closing costs. Prices are based on an expeditious closing projected at 7 days or less. All properties are sold in as is condition. Seller makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, regarding the condition, square footage, insurability, verification of septic or sewer connection, structural, plumbing, electrical or mechanical systems, wells, heating, air conditioning, appliances, soil, foundation, pool/spa, and related equipment, environmental hazards (such as asbestos, formaldehyde, radon gas, lead based paint, fuel or chemical storage tanks, hazardous waste, landfills, high voltage electrical lines, location near superfund areas, endangered species, water quality, geologic conditions), location of property lines, water/utility use restrictions, flood plain, building permits or compliance with building codes, zoning, the occurrence of disease, death, homicide, suicide, or other crime in the vicinity of the premises. Everything, not limited to the above referenced items, is the responsibility of the buyer to investigate and satisfy to a level suitable to the buyer, prior to signing a contract to purchase the property or depositing earnest funds. Typically the seller gathers information regarding square footage, lot size, year built, condition, values, etc from the Assessor’s website. Although it should be accurate, it has been known to produce varying information on occasion. The Seller is not held liable for any information released to the buyer from any source referenced for the buyer’s convenience.Buyer must do your own due diligence, evaluation and inspection prior to making an offer. Determining value is the buyer’s responsibility. Seller strongly recommends buyers employ an Investment Realtor to help determine value. Any reference to the value of a property by the Seller or any representative of the Seller is an opinion of value. Everyone has a differing opinion on value, cost of construction, materials, quality of workmanship and market speculation. Value is ultimately the buyer’s responsibility and they should be diligent in determining market value. 

NOTE:Some of our properties are occupied. Please call to setup viewing appointment, please do not disturb occupants.