10155 E Jones Ave, Mesa, AZ 85208

10155 E Jones Ave, Mesa, AZ 85208
10155 E Jones Ave, Mesa, AZ 85208

4 March, 2020

Main Street & Crismon Road

10155 E Jones Ave, Mesa, AZ 85208 - Main Street and Crismon Road wholesale property

10155 E Jones Ave, Mesa, AZ 85208

APN: 220-50-008
3 bedroom / 2 bath / 4 car garage + SHOP, 1223 sf livable, 18,378 sf lot size, block const, HALF ACRE!! HUGE YARD!! 4 CAR GARAGE/SHOP!! CLEAN HOUSE!! READY TO FLIP!!​


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AZFlip.com wholesale Blue Water Capital, LLC, sales@AZFlip.com 480-442-2701
AZFlip.com wholesale Blue Water Capital, LLC, sales@AZFlip.com 480-442-2701

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